Crochet Project: Mandala-Inspired Coffee Table Runner

I started crocheting mandalas a couple of months ago. I posted it here, but it was not a complete one. I was undecided that time on what the final product will be — a table runner or a set of place mats. Yesterday, I finally completed it and formed it into a coffee table runner. Yay!Read More »


Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

After 3 weeks! Hooray!

Delivered these crochet projects to my customer Ms. Kiara — just today!

Crocheted table runner:
50 inches in length
9 inches in width

Crocheted table runner in alternating white yarn and off-white yarn.

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My Love for Crochet

Pronounced as /krōˈSHā/

I first learned crocheting when I was in grade school. Probably, I crocheted once or twice, but just the single chains on a straight line. Ha ha.

Years and years after, I became interested again in crocheting when I saw posts of Ate Kim’s crochet projects. Before I came back to Davao, we already made a plan to do some crochet over coffee and chikka.

At first, I treated it as a hobby. Just a hobby. But then again, *insert light bulb* ting! pwede rin palang pagkakitaan.

This is a made-to-order table runner crochet ordered by my second customer, Ms. Anj. It’s length is 50 inches and width of 9 inches. I’m now down to the last 5 inches and ready to do borders.

30 inches 2nd mto runner
Used Monaco white and off-white yarns and a 3mm hook.