Saturday’s Random Five || v.14

Time for this week’s random five! I have a lot to share but I promise to keep this post short. πŸ™‚

Here we go!Read More »


Saturday’s Random Five || v. 13

I missed last week’s random five simply because I was personally going through something painful. My beloved city was attacked by heartless andΒ sobra pa sa demonyoΒ creatures and it was hard for me to do and/or compose something that’s happy or pleasant. It’s been a week since it happened, authorities are really working their assess off to solve it and stop something like that from happening again. After what happened, we still stood up but we are now braver and stronger. πŸ™‚Read More »

Saturday’s Random Five || v. 11

It’s April 9. Yes! It’s Saturday and here’s my random five for the week.

Fun virtual convo with college besties.Β This is the best part of my week. Facebook group chat really is a helpful way of connecting to friends, how far they may be. Often times, I just read a looong transcript of the conversation, laugh a lot and reply “HAHAHAHA” or “Nakatawa ko sa convo ba.”Β This week has been hilarious! Add to that the Facebook memory thingy that was 5 years ago. Read More »

Saturday’s Random Five || v. 10

Said goodbye to March and welcomed April with warm hugs! Literally warm hugs kay init kaayo ang panahon!Β Maybe because it’s already the summer season?! Oh well,Β I’ve come to learn new things (and updates) this week. Still doing the same old routine, but it’s getting better every week. Just loving life and its surprises. πŸ™‚Read More »