5 Things That I Do When Bored


It was my off from work yesterday and I that means I’m left here at home with nothing to do but to sleep, eat and watch regular TV. My anticipated activity yesterday was to watch game 5 of the NBA Championship. I am for GSW, but unfortunately they didn’t win. 😦 Anyway, since I was kind of bored, I thought of other things to do for my day-off.Read More »


Wide Awake at 3:52 A.M.

3:52 A.M.

Friday, 19th of February 2016.

Still awake and watching Pitch Perfect 2. Actually, I am working at this time and since I have idle time, I have time to write this entry. 😀 I work as a design consultant (pina-char pero sa chat support ra gud!) for an American furniture company. Working from home may be a not-so glamorous job, but it’s very convenient for me and I am earning… a lot. 🙂

In a very competitive world I [we] belong, sometimes Read More »

Jowa Files: 14th of the Month

It’s the 14th day of the month. On the first few months of our relationship, we always celebrate our monthsary, well, on the 14th day of every month. It changed when we reached our 1st anniversary, because after that we always looked forward to celebrating another year of being together aaand now we’re on our 4th year!

I thought of posting our 51st monthsary as a way of celebrating it, because I just missed us dining out together every 14th, date-date ba. But this I did not tell him. Hihi.  I guess I’m being too sentimental. Eeks! Nope, just remembering things when we were 21 and 22 years old.


Jowa Files: Movie Date with Popoy and Basha


For almost a month now, my boyfriend and I never really had an “us” time or a real date for that matter. We’re an hour ride from the cinema (from Liliw to San Pablo City in Laguna) and both of us needed to do our responsibilities at work.  Our “us” time is equivalent to eating our meals together and during break time from work, we do small talks. Simple but much appreciated. Thanks to Popoy and Basha’s A Second Chance, a date happened.

We (well, it was actually my idea) took that 1-hour ride to San Pablo, Laguna to watch it. Naiyak ako at tinawanan niya lang ako. Normal. We were both craving for Shakey’s pizza, but it was already closed, so we dined in at Pizza Hut, it’s still pizza you know. 🙂 We were holding each other’s hands while walking, feeling teenager lang. Yihee! We were like in the first few months of our relationship, mushy-mushy, clingy-clingy at sweet-sweet lang.