Crochet Project: Mandala-Inspired Coffee Table Runner

I started crocheting mandalas a couple of months ago. I posted it here, but it was not a complete one. I was undecided that time on what the final product will be — a table runner or a set of place mats. Yesterday, I finally completed it and formed it into a coffee table runner. Yay!Read More »


Crochet Project: Spiky Mandalas

I’ve been looking and browsing the Internet for the “right” pattern that I’ll be using for my Mandalas. It took me forever to find the pattern that works best for me, but thanks to Pinterest (again)!

This is Lizzie Bella’s Spiky mandala pattern. If you’re a beginner in crocheting, especially mandalas, this is a good pattern to start with. Read More »

Crochet Project: Table Cover in Multi-Color

At long last! After a month, I’ve finished another crochet project — 36″ by 36″ crocheted table cover in multi color.

This is the biggest crochet project I did this year. Customer, Ms. Catherine, wanted a “colorful” table cover and as requested, I had it in different yarn colors. With the help of my tita Kim, I came up with the colors Read More »