Today’s Track: All of Me by John Legend




‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections




Mandala as Coaster

Here’s my crochet project for the day!

I found this lovely pattern on RedAgape Style and Design‘s blog. It’s called Mandy’s Mandala pattern. You may notice it’s a bit different from the original pattern. I really intended to do that, because I want to make round crochet coasters! Yeehaa!

up close and crochet personal. Corny.

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My Love for Crochet

Pronounced as /krōˈSHā/

I first learned crocheting when I was in grade school. Probably, I crocheted once or twice, but just the single chains on a straight line. Ha ha.

Years and years after, I became interested again in crocheting when I saw posts of Ate Kim’s crochet projects. Before I came back to Davao, we already made a plan to do some crochet over coffee and chikka.

At first, I treated it as a hobby. Just a hobby. But then again, *insert light bulb* ting! pwede rin palang pagkakitaan.

This is a made-to-order table runner crochet ordered by my second customer, Ms. Anj. It’s length is 50 inches and width of 9 inches. I’m now down to the last 5 inches and ready to do borders.

30 inches 2nd mto runner
Used Monaco white and off-white yarns and a 3mm hook.