14 August 2016: Our 59th

Aside from crochet and work, I’m also busy with my love life. 🙂 Five days ago, Biboy and I had a simple date for our 59th months of love and togetherness. We usually don’t celebrate (for a lack of better term) monthsaries, but since I’m staying in Bacolod for just a couple of months and we’ll be back to an LDR kind of relationship after, it does feel good to go out on a monthsary date. 🙂Read More »


Crochet Project: Halter Bikini Top


Summer’s really over but I’m still addicted to crocheting bikini tops! After all, you can still enjoy the beach even when summer season has ended. Anyway, I made this halter bikini top as ordered by one of my lovely customers and my dearest sister-by-heart-slash-college-friend Ariesha. She wanted a medyo conservative bikini top Read More »

Saturday’s Random Five || v. 03

I thought this week will just be another week of paulit-ulit activities of my life — work, crochet, sleep, eat, work, crochet, eat, sleep and the cycle repeats itself. I guess it’s something ordinary for me, since I work  home-based on a graveyard shift. I couldn’t dare go out and treat myself a little except during days off. HoweverRead More »

Photo Series: Best Moments of 2015

I’ve had hundreds of memories in 2015 — good and bad, happy and sad, better and of course THE BEST.

What did I do in 2015? A New Year celebration at Bacolod’s Mambukal resort; joined 3 festivals in Negros Occidental, Dinagsa, Bacolodiat and Panaad; celebrated boyfie’s 25th birthday and our 4th anniversary; attended 5 weddings, 4 of which I had particular tasks to do; worked on an event with my girl friends; family trip/vacation in Bohol and Cebu; crocheted small and big projects; toured Ilocos region with friends; experienced Read More »

Jowa Files: 14th of the Month

It’s the 14th day of the month. On the first few months of our relationship, we always celebrate our monthsary, well, on the 14th day of every month. It changed when we reached our 1st anniversary, because after that we always looked forward to celebrating another year of being together aaand now we’re on our 4th year!

I thought of posting our 51st monthsary as a way of celebrating it, because I just missed us dining out together every 14th, date-date ba. But this I did not tell him. Hihi.  I guess I’m being too sentimental. Eeks! Nope, just remembering things when we were 21 and 22 years old.