27 years of awesomeness

27 nako? Time flies super duper fast. 

Flew back to Davao on my birthday and celebrated it with family. ❤️

I am grateful for all the goodness and positivity that happened the last year. I am excited for more awesomeness that’s coming my way. 😊 

I will make changes to my negative habits, set up long term goals, and be more productive. First thing I will change is my blog! Dili man jud ko blogger oy. Trying hard kaayo. I will stick to the reason I created this — to serve as an online journal. This is a good way of remembering good memories.

Basta, I am just grateful! 

Have a happy life everyone! 😘


April Overview


I don’t know if I was productive or not the past month. 😂 I think my April life was paulit-ulit lang. I have online work 5 times a week, I sometimes crochet in between and do laags every once in a while. There was a lot of eating too! 🎉
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What Happened Last Year: Photo Series Quick Review

Photo from Pinterest

I know its a bit late to post this, but I’ll post it anyway. 🤘🏻 It’s just the 2nd month of the year pa naman diba? 

2 0 1 6 

I consider it as one of the best years of my life. Although there were not-so good moments, last year was overloaded with good and happy memories.Read More »

14 August 2016: Our 59th

Aside from crochet and work, I’m also busy with my love life. 🙂 Five days ago, Biboy and I had a simple date for our 59th months of love and togetherness. We usually don’t celebrate (for a lack of better term) monthsaries, but since I’m staying in Bacolod for just a couple of months and we’ll be back to an LDR kind of relationship after, it does feel good to go out on a monthsary date. 🙂Read More »

5 Things That I Do When Bored


It was my off from work yesterday and I that means I’m left here at home with nothing to do but to sleep, eat and watch regular TV. My anticipated activity yesterday was to watch game 5 of the NBA Championship. I am for GSW, but unfortunately they didn’t win. 😦 Anyway, since I was kind of bored, I thought of other things to do for my day-off.Read More »