Best seller: Bikini Tops

It was just recent when I started crocheting bikini tops. It was trending on social media and I received a few requests to crochet one or two. Since I’ve already mastered the art of crocheting granny squares (hahaha!), I gave it a try and challenged myself.Read More »


Crochet Project: Halter Bikini Top


Summer’s really over but I’m still addicted to crocheting bikini tops! After all, you can still enjoy the beach even when summer season has ended. Anyway, I made this halter bikini top as ordered by one of my lovely customers and my dearest sister-by-heart-slash-college-friend Ariesha. She wanted a medyo conservative bikini top Read More »

Crochet Project: Simple Bikini Top

I know summer’s over, but it’s never too late to make another crochet project! Ever since I started crocheting, I’ve limited myself to crocheting coasters, scarves and table covers/runners — everything that only requires me to do plain single and double crochets. Haha! I decided to open myself to new patterns, specifically for clothing. Read More »