Saturday’s Random Five || v. 13

I missed last week’s random five simply because I was personally going through something painful. My beloved city was attacked by heartless and sobra pa sa demonyo creatures and it was hard for me to do and/or compose something that’s happy or pleasant. It’s been a week since it happened, authorities are really working their assess off to solve it and stop something like that from happening again. After what happened, we still stood up but we are now braver and stronger. 🙂Read More »


August Crochet Snippets

Bye August! Hello September! It means it’s time for a monthly wrap up of the crochet projects I made for the month of August. I wasn’t that productive in terms of crocheting, because Zuri (where I work online) had the biggest sale for 2016. There were a lot of tasks to be done, that’s why I did not have the time to juggle my crocheting and online work. Bawi na lang ako for this month, hopefully! 🙂Read More »

Saturday’s Random Five || v. 12

It’s been a long time since I shared my random five. That’s why I’m back to share the five random things/events that took place for the week. I’m back in Bacolod and I’m already on my 6th week of “vacation.” Aside from my boyfriend, the other thing I was excited about was the fast internet connection we have here. For real! Thanks to PLDT Home DSL for a good service. 🙂  Ang babaw, but Internet is life especially to people like me who rely on virtual/online job.  Baka humaba pa ang intro ko — oo, intro po yan, hahaha — here’s my random five for the week…Read More »

14 August 2016: Our 59th

Aside from crochet and work, I’m also busy with my love life. 🙂 Five days ago, Biboy and I had a simple date for our 59th months of love and togetherness. We usually don’t celebrate (for a lack of better term) monthsaries, but since I’m staying in Bacolod for just a couple of months and we’ll be back to an LDR kind of relationship after, it does feel good to go out on a monthsary date. 🙂Read More »