Saturday’s Random Five || v.14

Time for this week’s random five! I have a lot to share but I promise to keep this post short. 🙂

Here we go!

1. 5th Anniversary

My boyfriend and I celebrated our 5th anniversary last Wednesday. No fancy dinner or date. We just had a daytour adventure at Campuestohan Highland Resort in Bacolod. We also watched KathNiel’s movie Barcelona, A Love Untold since it was also its first day of screening. All Biboy’s treat. 🙂 We had fun and we really enjoyed every single minute of that day. ❤

This is the photo I posted both on my Fb and IG account. :)
This is the photo I posted both on my Fb and IG account. 🙂

2. Daytour at Campuestohan Highland Resort

As I’ve said in #1, we celebrated our 5th anniversary at Campuestohan. I’ve been requesting Biboy to take me there para mapasyalan ko lang. That’s where he got the idea that we celebrate our anniv at the place. The atmosphere’s like in Eden at Davao or Baguio City (in my point of view and feelings, hahaha). It’s a 45-minute ride from Bacolod city proper. I will share more of our Campuestohan adventure on another post.

at Campuestohan's Shark Wave pool.
at Campuestohan’s Shark Wave pool.

3. Barcelona, A Love Untold

As a finale for our 5th year, we watched KathNiel’s movie on its first day of screening. Biboy knows that I am a KathNiel fan and it was his movie treat for me. I was so kilig! Super kilig specially with the kissing scene! HAHAHAHA! I don’t think that Biboy got bored, because he was laughing at scenes that were funny, especially with Joshua’s character Tonying. 

4. Train to Busan

We actually watched Train to Busan last week. I forgot to include it on my random five for last week, because I was sooo thrilled with my crochet plans. At first, I thought I’ll be scared all throughout the movie, but I was wrong. Hihi. The movie’s a roller coaster ride of emotions. Nae-excite ako na naiinis na natawa and most of all, naiyak ako. The character that really brought me to tears eh ‘yung mala-MMA fighter na kuya na may buntis na misis. I was really crying na may konting kirot at tunog pa. It was a good movie to watch.

Photo from Google
Photo from Google

5. Defrosting the fridge

Probably, this is the most random thing in this week’s list. 😀 Daming ice sa freezer, halos matakpan na mga frozen food sa sobrang dami ng ice na nabuo. We really needed to defrost it — MANUALLY! Hahaha. The cold never bothered me anyway ang peg! 😀

How was your week?


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