Crochet Project: Phone Cozies

Everywhere I go, I make sure that I bring some of my crochet yarns and hooks. You see, I couldn’t live without them anymore. Chos!  Mark’s been very busy attending to the shipping needs and stock inventory of their shoe store, so while he’s away and working (well, I sometimes go with him and help), I spend my time crocheting.

My latest crochet project is phone cozy. The pattern is super simple (specially for beginners like me), which I saw in Pinterest (again!). The first phone cozy I crocheted was for Wena, my mom’s officemate. Of course, it was for a price of Php 149.oo.

*insert Kumikitang Kabuhayan theme song*

Phone cozy for Wena’s iPhone 6

Materials for Wena’s phone cozy:

-Cotton yarn from StrandsPH
-steel crochet size 4

Click here for the video tutorial via Pinterest.

Since I have been crocheting things for other people, I decided to crochet something for myself naman. The photo on top’s the cozy I crocheted for my Samsung tablet. I used Monaco thread (Maroon) and steel crochet size 3. The pattern’s pretty much the same with Wena’s phone cozy, but instead of single crochet on the 1st round, I used double crochet because of the tab’s slight thickness and single crochet for the remaining rounds.

Update for my Mandala table cover, it’s still on standby because I’m still deciding if I’ll make it a table cover or just a couple of placemats. 🙂


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