Crochet Projects

This is what I’ve been doing the past few weeks.


Crochet project #1.

At last, I finished (yes, I did!) an infinity scarf. I used StrandsPH Nude cream cotton yarn. I followed a simple and quick pattern. It’s perfect if you want to achieve a crochet project in a day.

infinity scarf closeup


Crochet project #2.

A friend of my mother requested that I crochet a head kerchief for her. It’s my first time to crochet this kind of project, but thanks to Pinterest, I got a pattern on how to do it. I just used Monaco mercerized cotton yarns for this particular project. As requested, I made it colorful by matching 5 different colors. And here’s the finished product!


Crochet project #3.

I still can’t get over with crocheting round coasters. I’m trying to perfect it using mercerized yarns, but still fail. I can make it into an almost perfect round coaster using 100% cotton yarn, but I need to practice more using mercerized yarns.


Crochet project #4.

This drawstring coin purse was made out of boredom. When I was in Liliw, Laguna, I brought some of my threads and hooks. I decided to crochet a granny square drawstring coin purse kasi nga wala lang. 😀



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