What Happened Last Year: Photo Series Quick Review

Photo from Pinterest

I know its a bit late to post this, but I’ll post it anyway. 🀘🏻 It’s just the 2nd month of the year pa naman diba?Β 

2 0 1 6Β 

I consider it as one of the best years of my life. Although there were not-so good moments, last year was overloaded with good and happy memories.Read More »

Saturday’s Random Five || v. 13

I missed last week’s random five simply because I was personally going through something painful. My beloved city was attacked by heartless andΒ sobra pa sa demonyoΒ creatures and it was hard for me to do and/or compose something that’s happy or pleasant. It’s been a week since it happened, authorities are really working their assess off to solve it and stop something like that from happening again. After what happened, we still stood up but we are now braver and stronger. πŸ™‚Read More »